Transforming load-bearing elements into design assets


At Reigate Architects we take pride in our ability to envisage and implement creative ideas, such as changing a structural requirement, for example, a load-bearing column into a design asset.
Here are a few examples of what we mean;

A U-shaped steel support column transformed into a stylish bookshelf:
In our Windmill Cottage project an open-plan extension presented an opportunity for creativity. Here we asked the structural engineer to design a U-shaped steel column so that we could clad this and use the support as a bookcase. This harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics exemplifies our commitment to unique design solutions. 

Nature-inspired living room with a circular oak column:
Rather than using an ordinary steel column we specified  a circular oak column for our North Reigate project, to support the first floor.  Unlike steelwork, timber structural elements do not always need applied fire protection. 

Columns that provide functional shelving and highlight a change in floor level:
Our Eversfield Road project in Reigate, incorporated two columns not only to highlight a change in floor level but also to provide functional shelving. These columns serve both structural and decorative purposes, maximising the use of available space while adding visual interest to the interior. 

Industrial-themed kitchen with a black steel column:
At our Higher Drive project, we took the opportunity to integrate a black steel column into our client’s kitchen layout. This structural necessity became an integral part of the kitchen’s design,  complementing the overall industrial theme. 

If you are thinking about expanding your current property or embarking on a new build, contact Reigate Architects to discover how we transform your living spaces into stunning design assets.

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