Sustainable Architecture: A Certified Passivhaus Family home

We are delighted to announce that our North Downs House has received Passivhaus Certification, a recognition of its outstanding energy efficiency and sustainable design. The energy bills for this house are a tenth of those of a traditionally designed property of the same size, underlining the remarkable impact of our design approach.

This bespoke passivhaus emerged from a challenge: how to produce a sustainable design that integrates with its surroundings – nestled into the North Downs, and located within the Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This Passivhaus is a harmonious blend of modern living and environmental consciousness and takes a different approach to the more conventional Passivhaus designs. The modern, open-planned living space and fully glazed façade exploit the property’s elevated position providing uninterrupted panoramic views, while achieving performances well within the Passivhaus criteria. Despite the amount of glazing, our clients enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature all year round with superior levels of ventilation and soundproofing, with minimal energy usage. The stone cladding and a sedum roof blend the home into its natural surroundings.

The inverted design places the heart of family life on the upper level, where every corner enjoys the breathtaking views. Downstairs, a tranquil sanctuary of bedrooms provides a serene retreat.

Passivhaus principles are woven into every aspect of this project, from the highly insulated building fabric to the use of thermal mass for temperature regulation.

The home incorporates triple glazed windows, doors, and roof lights. A mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and Hepa filter ensures superior indoor air quality. An air source heat pump provides hot water and the minimal heating requirement.

This project exemplifies our commitment to sustainable architecture and all that can be achieved with our forward-looking design process.

If you would like to know more about Passivhaus and our other sustainable architectural solutions, talk to a member of our team and discover how we can bring your vision to life.