Navigating Home Alteration plans in Surrey’s Protected Areas

Extension and Alterations project in Surrey's Conservation Area

Home Expansion & New Build Projects in Surrey’s Protected Areas:

Homeowners living in one of Surrey’s protected areas are well aware of the challenges and complexities that arise when trying to design and implement home alterations. The stunning landscapes of the Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the historical significance and architectural heritage of Conservation Areas, all come with stringent planning controls. Rigorous regulations govern general development and architectural design, materials, and other aspects – making the process of obtaining permissions more complicated than normal.  Reigate Architects have much experience in achieving exceptional home improvements while respecting conservation regulations.

In designing your project, Reigate Architects collaborates closely with local authorities, conservation officers, and homeowners. We can provide expert guidance on navigating conservation regulations, ensuring homeowners are aware of both restrictions and possibilities. Our architects blend modern aesthetics with traditional elements, creating innovative yet harmonious designs that respect the special nature of the surroundings.

Reigate Architects are also familiar with sustainable building practices, and promote environmentally-friendly solutions that respect both the environment and historical significance.

Although Surrey’s many protected areas provide certain challenges, with Reigate Architects, homeowners can confidently pursue their projects while preserving the region’s heritage. By balancing modern living with historical preservation, we set a standard for responsible development in Surrey’s treasured landscapes and towns.

We offer end-to-end project management, from the initial brief development to navigating complex planning processes and on-site project management.

Whether you are thinking about expanding your current property or embarking on a new build, talk to Reigate Architects to discover how we can bring your vision to life.